THeCan Vapor Sytem is the leading vaporizer
on the market. THeCan is made in the USA.
Built to LAST, Built to ENJOY!

The Can Vaporizer
    The Can Vaporizer
  • Portable, Durable, Repairable!
  • The Can Vaporizer
  • Better effects, uses less energy!
  • The Can Vaporizer
  • Manufactured and assembled in Denver, CO – no Chinese parts!

  • Adjustable heat control.

  • LIFETIME warranty.

  • Healthier than smoking – no tar or carcinogens!
  • Unlike some popular vapes, THeCan comes with a whip clip so you can vape hands free!
  • Uses an efficient, sanitary hose system – no dirty bags!
  • Use less herbs – vaping gives you 97% of your product’s active chemicals, as opposed to 45% when smoking.

  • Endorsed by the Kottonmouth Kings!